About us

Our mission at Aviotrace Swiss is to deliver outstanding training services to our customers on a daily basis, helping them to achieve their objectives and to exceed their expectations. Our customers know that there is: No Flight Operations without Certified Maintenance; No Certified Maintenance without Qualified Training.
We deliver the training you need to sustain your business and we are able to guarantee this thanks to the accuracy and quality of the Swiss tuition system. Aviotrace Swiss teaching methods are carefully developed to satisfy each individual need. They range from the traditional classroom approach, and the modern multimedia based training distance learning training to the most innovative solutions, such the use of augmented reality.



Aviotrace Swiss maintenance training facilities include three large and modern classrooms at its Headquarter in Mendrisio (CH) and three other classrooms at its subsidiary of Gallarate (IT). The learning environment is as important to us as the content of our courses and we want our customers to feel like at home. Having this in mind, as well as the enhancement of the overall learning experience, we have designed and equipped our training rooms with the latest in terms of comfort and technology.
All the classrooms are air-conditioned, equipped with a beamer and a whiteboard. The rooms are adaptable to any kind of teaching method: from small workshops to large conferences, depending on the size of the class and topic of the course.
The acoustics are particularly well taken care of, as well as lighting. A free wide-band Wifi can be accessed from all our classrooms, allowing access to online material and facilitating the interaction with our students. With a total capacity of over 50 places, Aviotrace Swiss aircraft maintenance training facilities are set in a unique and dedicated learning center.



Our wide range of courses complies with all the current EASA requirements for technical training, and even most importantly, all training solutions have been developed with our customers’ in mind and are always tailored – whether in terms of planning, timing or location – to individual needs. Aviotrace Swiss focuses on both EASA Basic and Specialised Training, addressing companies as well as individuals, such as operators and maintenance organisations.
Our Basic Training is designed for applicants of EASA Categories A, B1.1, B1.3 and B2 technicians specialised in airplanes or helicopters. We offer all the necessary theoretical modules and practical elements you need in accordance with the dedicated regulations. Aviotrace Swiss also offers a variety of Specialised Courses in the aeronautical sector, ranging from purely technical topics to managerial ones. These courses encompass also all mandatory initial and recurrent trainings for certifying staff and EASA approved organisations. The courses are provided in a traditional classroom environment formats and most of them can be enjoyed more flexibly through distance learning solutions. At Aviotrace Swiss we also offer our customers the option of on-site courses, reducing travel costs and ensuring minimum disruption of on-going activities.



Although the head office is not situated in an airport, Aviotrace Swiss has its own hangar with an airplane, a helicopter and a wide range of aeronautical eabquipment and tools. Our customers benefit from a well-equipped hangar for all the required practical elements required by our training, feeling immersed in a real life maintenance environment. Aviotrace Swiss continuously invests in its infrastructure by replacing outdated equipment and keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies. The hangar is a key element of our offer and delivers more than just practical training.
We aim at delivering an excellent preparation for the aeronautical sector by employing highly competent and experienced instructors, modern documentations and tools as well as an outstanding infrastructure. Again, it’s not just about the training, it’s about an experience that will accompany our customers throughout their professional career.




Via Rime 1 - Mendrisio (CH)

Our headquarter, where many generations of Aviation Maintenance Operator have grown, always appreciated in the environments where they have operated.


Via Lazzaretto 12 - Gallarate (VA)

The new student-sized venue with spacious classrooms and outdoor areas.



Aviotrace Swiss Instructors are approved to provide training in the scope of approval, and issue of the related certificates of recognition under the provision of EASA Regulation 1321/2014 Annex IV (Part-147).

Matteo Vazzola

Training Manager

Nicola Vettorel

Examination Manager

Arianna Perassi

Quality Manager

Arianna Elia

General Activities Coordinator & Examiner

Anna Viggiano

Human Resources

Ouadie Mitaki

Basic and Type instructor & Examiner

Piero Visone

Practical instructor

Piermatteo Cicolini

Theroetical instructor & Examiner

Gianmaria Di Stefano

Theroetical instructor & Examiner

Mohamed Allam

Theoretical and Practical instructor & Examiner